Real Estate

Our law firm has many years experience in representing clients interested in the purchase of a new property or the sale of an existing one.

When representing a client who wants to purchase a property, we always check the legal titles of the property to be sold and the legality of the buildings. We ensure the fastest possible processing and signing the purchase contract or, if necessary, a preliminary contract attested by a Notary Public, the submission of the land conveyance tax returns and payment of the relevant tax, payment of the agreed selling price of and we receive the ownership of the property on behalf of our clients.

The purchase having been concluded, we arrange the connection of the property to the networks of the public utilities (electricity, telephone, water supply and sewer) and sign the related contracts on behalf of the new owner.

Prior to signing the final contract, we represent the seller with all authorities (tax office, social security institute, municipal administration, forestry department, etc.) to get all certificates and documents needed to conclude the purchase. We also take over the settlement and eliminate all possibly existing legal or judicial inconsistencies, conflicts or obstacles that might affect the transfer of the property. We represent the buyer also when signing the final or preliminary contract and the handover of the property.

We represent our clients, especially those with a permanent residence abroad, before any tax authority or any Greek Bank in any matters related to the acquisition of the property, such as applying for a Greek tax number, the submission of land conveyance tax returns, opening of bank accounts, etc.

Furthermore, we give you legal advise when you negotiate with the other party (seller or buyer) and we have perfect  cooperation with a wide range of notaries, civil engineers, accountants and real estate agents, in order to conclude the purchase or sale of a property the soonest possible.